Failure may seem like a paradox to have for a strength, but bear with me. What has made me successful in most of my life endeavors has been that I’m not afraid to fail. I’ve learned so much from the failures I’ve had, be it in sports, school, and other things. Playing baseball, you get very acquainted with failure. To be considered a great hitter, you fail 7 out of 10 times, so you adjust, move on, and continue to get better. It’s a great principal to learn and puts in a place where I can have sustained growth.

When I’ve read up on other successful people, you see that they’ve failed numerous times, but they didn’t give up. Something that bothers me sometimes with some people’s perspective is they assume you get to where you are through just talent and luck. I view that as being disrespectful to one’s hard work that went into getting better.

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