My Essence

At my essence, at my core, at my being, I am a storyteller. My life is the expression of my story. All of the events of my life are scenes, acts, moments, and instances that make up that story. Because I’m a storyteller I look for stories in all things. I believe history itself is a story of the sovereignty of the triune God. I believe being crafted in his own image we all have the yearning to tell stories and to experience stories.

I may be a programmer, an engineer, a game developer, an athlete, an author, and/or many other things throughout my life, however, at my essence, at my core, at my being, I am a storyteller of Christ.

A.J. Ouzts II

I typically call my Passion Statement my essence. My essence is the portrayal of an intrinsic quality of myself, which is being a storyteller. I love telling stories, talking about stories, and observing stories in all types of fashions. I see the notion of a person’s reputation as the summary or the blurb of their story expressed by others.

This statement has given me a sense of peace since I wrote it in 2018, because it helped me focus my aspirations. I’m naturally curious about many things in life, which resulted in being proficient and liking many different disciplines. That may seem like it’s such a great gift, and it is, but for me, it was quite overwhelming, especially when deciding on a career path. It’s a problem when your view on some of your gifts becomes warped, and you view them as a curse, because they bring you unwanted anxieties and complexities.

However, being able to reflect on who I am, first relationship with God and Christ, as well as in who I want to become. I’ve come to a solution to simplify my passions to something that permeates all aspects of my curiosities. That being a storyteller. I’m living my own unique story, but it’s also cool to be a supporting character or to make a cameo in other people’s unique stories.

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