Storytelling through Food

I’m a believer that stories aren’t complete without food or music. My affinity for food is on the same platform as my affinity for words. Food has a way of connecting people than merely just words. Making food is my sibling passion to writing. Outside of the Bible, writing and cooking are practices that help center and calm me.

Most of my favorite stories or accounts in history have some reference to food. The most famous life account in history, referring to Christ, included a famous meal called the Last Supper.

Passion for food

Like many people, my passion for food was fostered at home with my family. My family’s uniquely weird, in contrast to tradition, where my dad was the one who did the bulk of the cooking. My mom is the one who baked a lot. With those two dynamics, I grew up doing both.

Disclaimer: Cooking and baking are distinctively different. Cooking is more expressive and creative throughout the process. If you make a mistake while cooking, you can generally find a way to save a dish. Baking is much more methodical throughout the process. If you make a mistake with ingredient ratios, then… just start over.

Within most of the stories I write, food is usually a part of the narrative. I like combining multiple techniques and cuisines together to make an original dish or add my spin on a dish, which is something my dad and I do a lot.

Crazy twist for Grilled Cheese

Thanks to some friends from an online community that I’m a part of, I’ve come up with some unique dishes when given a challenge for food creation. The challenge was simply a grilled cheese sandwich, and we could interpret it however we wanted. So, obviously, French Toast bacon and brie sandwich is the idea that comes to mind, right.


  1. Cut bread into cubes and toasted
  2. Made the cubes into french toast
  3. Put strawberry and peach jam on the french toast
  4. Toped with cubed brie and chopped bacon
  5. Used cordon bleu technique with ham and cheese
  6. Wrapped in tortilla
  7. Pan seared with cinnamon sugar
  8. Baked to caramelize cinnamon sugar on top

Results and Rating

Created on August of 2019. This is definitely my best original creation, both in execution and taste.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Storytelling through Food

  1. Yet, you haven’t made this for your big sister?! What kind of world is this?!

    But, I definitely concur; these are definitely your passions. I’m so grateful and thankful that you’re walking in them. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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