Deckhand Creed

I am not the captain of my ship, for that role is filled by Christ. I am a crew member on my own ship. As a crew member, I may have doubts about the captain’s course, but His ways are beyond mine. I am to be grateful and prepared for the new horizons and destinations that await. Be it storms, tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, pirates, and/or creatures, I stand firm with courage and take those moments as challenges to strengthen my faith in the captain. When there are calm seas, I need to enjoy them, but I must continue to learn the captain’s ways. I am to count these experiences with the captain as joy. Being a crew member, my responsibilities are to walk with integrity, conviction, courage, focus, and diligence to what is right.

I am a supporting character in HIStory. The hero has already done his duty. Though I am a supporting character in the ever- revolving characters in HIStory, the hero allows me to share in his glory and brilliance. With the hero’s aid, I will take on the hero’s qualities, thus reflecting a hero. Just as the moon has its own brilliance thanks to the sun, so I will have my own light thanks to the Son. Like in any story, supporting characters can be memorable.