Lone Wolf

Being a lone wolf is probably my most problematic weakness, mainly because where I feel most comfortable. I’ve naturally been guarded and very selective of the people I hang out with mostly because I’m internally motivated and more action-oriented with doing things. I come from the mindset where I can show you better than I can tell you. For example, when I played sports, I tended to workout on my own (still do this day) because I could control the pace. This has served me well in certain aspects, which has benefitted my strength of being Authentic, but also has stunted my growth in how I deal with people in general.

What’s weird is that I function quite well in group settings, because of the observant side of me, which is why I have been named captain and team leads at jobs throughout my life. Also, my gifts and talents sometimes bring me unwanted attention, where I mind my own business not looking for any attention whatsoever. However, as a Christian, I’m supposed to be more receptive to the needs of people and cultivate intentional community since people are meant to be interdependent.

I have rather grand dreams, goals, and visions for my life, but they can’t nor will they reach the potential they can attain without first of all God, but other people who have overlapping goals. I’m not fond of the notion that’s just the way I am, because it’ll just stunt my growth as a person. I work to get better while keeping the essence of who I am through the mission and values I look to live out.