Purpose Statements

These are statements that form the basis of my why in my own words. They're here to help keep me accountable and for others to help keep me accountable for what I hope and strive to live out.

Personal Mission Statement - At a Glance

I filter my outlook through my faith in Christ, being grateful for the gifts I’ve been blessed with and to remain humble in all things. Understanding that excellence is diligence plus biblical integrity over time.

Deckhand Creed - At a Glance

I am not the captain of my ship, for that role is filled by Christ. I am a crew member on my own ship. As a crew member, I may have doubts about the captain’s course, but His ways are beyond mine. I am to be grateful and prepared for the new horizons and destinations that await. Be it storms, tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, pirates, and/or creatures, I stand firm with courage and take those moments as challenges to strengthen my faith in the captain.

My Essence (Passion Statement) - At a Glance

At my essence, at my core, at my being, I am a storyteller. My life is the expression of my story. All of the events of my life are scenes, acts, moments, and instances that make up that story. Because I’m a storyteller, I look for stories in all things. I believe history itself is a story of the sovereignty of the triune God. I believe being crafted in his own image, we all have the yearning to tell stories and to experience stories.