Leadership Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord, I know you know I want to be great. However, you define greatness as one who serves the needs of the kingdom and others. To serve for You is ultimately what it means to be great. Within the mantle of greatness comes with it a responsibility that I tend to shy away from. The definition of manhood I live by calls me to accept responsibility, and there are many times I don’t want to. I’m reluctant to lead, but I can’t use that as an excuse because You have given too many examples of people of faith who’ve done such great things for You:

  • Moses
  • Jonah
  • Jeremiah

My biggest fear with leading isn’t lack of ability or hatred to a group of people; it simply empties me. I know the cost of following Christ, and it opens me up to the pains of betrayal and my most problematic frustration in being misunderstood. Grateful and humbled that You walked and lived among us to live a life of consistently being misunderstood. We still misunderstand you now, but Lord, as you revealed to Paul, “your grace is sufficient.”

Lord, forgive me for not consistently walking in the light you have given me through Your salvation. I reluctantly relent to obey Your will to lead how You see fit. When I’m empty, Lord, please fill me up and restore me with the rest and peace only You can supply. You said to the women at the well that you provide living water, and Lord, I pray you to fill me up with it.

There are two things I’d pray to accomplish as a leader, and that is for You to be proud of the way I lead and the ability to lift others with genuine love and reverence for You.

This I pray in Jesus name,