Observant Listening

Many people refer to me as a good listener, and it has more to do with my personality. I’m a firm believer that you can learn from anyone, be it children, the elderly, and all those in between. I believe in becoming a good problem solver; you have to observe a situation in reading, find the needs, and the root cause of what the problem may be. Also, I find it a sign of respect to actively listen to people because you learn that sometimes what’s not said is a key to a solution.

The observant aspect gives me room to adapt to what’s needed to get things done. I’ve realized through life in general that the majority of the plans that are made never go the way it’s expected, and I have to respond and readjust. For me to adapt effectively, I have to know my strengths and weaknesses and the strengths and weaknesses of those around me to solve an issue.

I find it with being an observant listener; when I speak, people will listen, mainly because they may be surprised, but also because I’ve taken the time to understand them entirely on the matter, and respect is reciprocated. For a person who’s been misunderstood quite a bit, I seek to understand others by observantly listening.