Transparency is an unusual weakness of mine. It runs with my strength of being an observant listener. I’ve never been shy, but I have one of many sayings that I live by (said a lot by my father): “no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Listening is one of the significant ways I show how much I care, and I’ll be somewhat vague in an answer, but because of that, sometimes people never get the totality what I think on a subject. I don’t volunteer all of the information on a topic, though I don’t mind sharing if asked to go in-depth. I know my mom still gets irritated with me sometimes with this aspect, but it’s something I’m aware of, and I’m working on getting better.

I have this weird personality contradiction, where I’m very confident in my abilities and what I’m able to do. However, I don’t find myself that interesting at all. I see people as much more interesting than me, which is why I like listening to other people. The best way to get information out of me is to ask direct questions. I respond well with Q&A, especially with why and how type questions because they call for an in-depth response or have follow-up questions. My cousin is famous for doing this, where he’ll ask questions as if I’m doing an interview or podcast, and we’ll talk for hours about some cool and unique topics, especially topics centered around personal growth.